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Campari Brand Academy

Founded in Milan by Gaspare, Campari the Group is now a global company and home to leadning products includeing Aperol, Skyy Vodka, Appleton Rum and many more

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Campari Group Credentials

LIft your mixology game with online learning courses designed hospitality. Dig into the origins and production of Aperol, Campari, Skyy Vodka, and Appleton Rum. Unleash your creativity behind the bar and master these iconic spirits.

Aperol Fundamentals

Learn the story of the world’s #1 Aperitivo liqueur and its namesake cocktail, the Aperol Spritz. Embark on a journey through history and flavor as you uncover the essence of Aperol and its signature cocktail, a cherished emblem of Italian indulgence and joie de vivre.

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SKYY Vodka

The number one premium vodka in the United States and the fifth premium vodka in the world. Through the process of quadruple distillation and triple filtration we obtain a vodka of proven, exceptional quality and softness. Starting with the distinctive SKYY cobalt blue Vodka bottle and award-winning communication campaigns, SKYY is synonymous with quality, refinement and style

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A contemporary and charismatic timeless classic. Its vibrant red colour and unique bitter taste are the heart of every Negroni and the soul of some of the most famous cocktails around the world. Campari is a worldwide icon of Milanese style and excellence.

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Appleton Estate

Located deep in the middle of Jamaica’s lush Nassau Valley, began perfecting complex rum-making over 270 years ago. Appleton’s acclaimed rums are created by the environment, ingredients, and practices that are unique to the Estate.

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Bulldog Gin

Bold on the outside, yet perfectly smooth in its liquid, BULLDOG delivers a refined taste with each serve, never wavering in its charisma, confidence and sophistication. Outgoing, bold and magnetically courageous, BULLDOG naturally shines in its own light.

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Wild Turkey

Under the stewardship of Master Distillers Jimmy and Eddie Russell, this award winning Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is revered across the world. A high rye mash bill, charred barrels and longer aging guarantee a whiskey that’s big and bold, yet incredibly smooth

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Handcrafted with 100% Weber Agave, Espolòn celebrates the storied culture of true Mexico. The San Nicolas Distillery was founded in 1998 with distillery facilities show the ancient Mexican cultural environment, mixed with the most modern and advanced production technology.

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Grand Marnier

Since its creation in 1880, Grand Marnier liqueur has been the iconic spirit of vibrant French lifestyle around the world. It’s made from the unique combination of the finest French cognacs and essence of exotic oranges.The Grand Marnier bottle, whose roundness evokes the silhouette of the copper Cognac still, has not changed for over a century.

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