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Learn the rich history of gin, production, styles and the new-wave of modern brands


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Covering detailed notes on botanicals, production and specific products


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Detailed listings on taste, botanbicals, style and production

Course Description

Created for the hospitality professional
ANANAS Australian Gin | Professional is the course for the modern bartender or server. Australia is one of the fastest growing and most inovative producers of gin. This course teaches you the must-know distilleries, native botanicals, unique Australian categories and production.
Complete in-app assessment to become an ANANAS certified Australian Gin | Professional


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    From Zero to Hero

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    3 lessons

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    What is gin?

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    10 lessons

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    Gin Styles

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    7 lessons

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    Australian Botanicals

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    6 lessons

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    The Main Players

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    11 lessons

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    Bartender, turned gin-maker

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    4 lessons

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    Awards and medals

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    2 lessons

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    Brand Directory

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    75+ lessons


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